Hi All
Will be up on G/TW-004 most of the day depending on the wx but the main job is to tune the 5MHz antenna.

I will also be on 144-ssb at some point of the day as well.

Would appreciate a text off anyone when BVE comes on giving freq/time but will listen for him on 40M around 1200 UTC.

Mobil number 07706067549

Hope to work the ones that are on the summits been brave to the elements and the ones in the warm dry shacks as well.

Terry de g0vwp

Your signal was 55 here (10.40z)on saturday and 56 (13.15z)on sunday in Belgium, Terry. The antenna is working fine!


In reply to ON3WAB:

Thanks Peter for your reports for Saturday/Sunday the antenna is working well. I just have to make a light weight one now for the rucksack, this one is ok for working from my local summit but need to make one stronger and lighter for the bigger tops.

Ok Peter thanks again.

Terry de g0vwp