g0vwp/p g/sb-004 & gm0vwp/p gm/ss-1616

Hi All,

Sorry for not been able to do HF on G/SB-004 I was looking forward to it myself but the WX got the better of it, only worked five G4OBK,2E0MIX,M0BQD,G2ARY and G0IGB on 2m, and a big thank you to Phil G4OBK for spotting me.

So I went over the wall and did GM/SS-161 on the way back to the B&B and only just did get the four 2E0MIX,GM3OXK,M3VYT and GM6BIG, hoping for a better day on G/SB-005 tomorrow, and a big thank you to Colin G4UXH for spotting me sorry could not hear you Col.