I will be on SOTA holiday on Arran and hope to activate all the summits over a period of three weeks, I will be camping at Lochranza at the north end of the Island and hoping for some good weather.

I will be on most bands, I will start all activations with 2m calling on 145.500fm 1st then 144.300-ssb 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb,28-ssb and if 6m is open I’ll give it a try.

I also will be doing all the WAB squares I think there are 10 also be doing the trigs when on the summits for the WAB lads/gals I will come on to 7.160 after I have worked the SOTA chasers as I think this will work better for me.

Hope to work you all from the tops and hope midges are not out in force.


Hi Terry,

Wonderful expedition, have a great time! Will be looking for you - at weekends at least…

73 de Paul G4MD

That will keep you busy, I hope you have lots of tread left on your boot soles. Good luck, good weather, good propagation and NO midges. When I visited the island a few years ago I stayed doon sooth, in a B&B, it turned out to be run by a radio ham.

Will look out for you.



Ohhh this should be good :smiley:
May the propagation improve as well.

Will be listening out for you let alone calling when heard.
Most of all have a good one while up there :sunglasses:


May the Propagation be with you and the midges far away!

I’ll keep an ear out for you - might even get out at some point to make an S2S contact.

73 Ed DD5LP