G0RQL Don now in the 100,000 + Chaser Club

Congratulations Don and a thank you from me for help given in the past.
All the best.


Well done Don, I am playing catch-up HI.
Cheers Ken


Always one of the reliable chasers on my outings - I only have another 90,000 chaser points to get to catch up …


There are now eight hypersloths in the 100,000 club - staggering! Hats off to you guys!

Awesome Don :smile:

Many thanks for your company and assistance on what seems like almost every summit I’ve activated!

Just please don’t stop now it’s a long way to 1,000,000 :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD/G6GGP

Congratulations Don.

Always a pleasure to get you in the log especially on some of those more difficult days with your cheerful confirmation that the bands are rubbish :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next contact.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Thats is some dizzy heights of Sota chasing

Wow That,s some target reached, well done radio neighbor.

Often hear Don on 20m and 40M working the stations am chasing too and providing him with couple points from Kit hill also as were not too far apart.

Well done that man only 80, 299 to go for me.


And its a Wow from me too :thumbsup:
Congratulations Don, thanks for all the contacts along the way, and the helpful tips you have passed on about propagation or S2S opportunities. Always good to hear you, and I look forward to many more QSOs.

Best 73

Well done Don! Thanks for all your calls to my activatios!!

Tony G7OEM

Absolutely awesome Don, well done! You are such a gent on the air. Always great to hear you on.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Brilliant ! ! ! What an excellent achievement and as you’d say, “it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella” :wink:

Many thanks for all the help over the years, including providing a “phone a friend” service on many an occasion. Every contact has been a pleasure and very much appreciated. Long may the Devon Beacon remain on air.

God bless you mate!

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulations Don on achieving 100,000 chase points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Well done Don! Always a pleasure - and you’re often my best DX of the day on 2m fm/ssb.


Mike G7HEM

Great stuff, Don.


Congratulations Don.
Many thanks for the contacts along the way as my top chaser.

Congratulations Don.

Always a pleasure to get you in the log. All the best Eva and Andreas

Congratulations Don.

Always a pleasure to get you in the log. Eva and Andreas

Good job Don,
I’ll be glad to call you again.
David OK4KOP

Well done Don!
A Great achievement! Keep going!!!

Thanks a lot for your constant company on our activations, Don!
Excellent achievement!

All the best,
Sylvia & Peter