G/WB-? What does RNB do?

G/WB-??? What does RNBGate do?

arno, 73

found answer in FAQ in KU6J´s homepage!!!

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Yes, it spots it just as alerted with the ‘???’. The expectation is that a chaser will give an updated spot with the correct ref.

Barry N1EU

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G/WB-??? What does RNBGate do?


I listed the summit as G/WB-?? for 2 reasons.

  1. I didn’t know what the access on the minor roads would be like because of the recent snow.

  2. Because of the above, I didn’t know the order I’d be activating or how many summits I’d get round. I ended up doing only 2 but had 4 possibilities in the bag!

To avoid confusion I left the summit info out and relied on chasers picking it up on line.

It seemed to work fine!


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hallo Pete,
the same with me.
Sometimes the decision what summit is possible u desire when u checked the snow situation “stop or go”, time, …

I wanted to check the possibility of using RNBGate with “???”´s

I use RNB Gate:
Limited time on back skiing tour
Not heard on 20m, contest on 40. I use qrp.
No SMS-spot possible, because there is no phone net.

It is better in summertime, because u can send s2s into a pileup and get attention. But there are not so many activities in winter.

73, de arno