G/WB-002 today

Thanks to everyone who contacted me today on G/WB-002…
Yesterday it was covered with snow… today it wasn’t plus it seemed quite pleasant, and not at all windy, so with 2+3 points on offer, I made the short journey (For me anyway!) to Brown Clee Hill

Unfortunately, someone was parked at the gateway at the bottom of the bridle path, sso I had to park further down the lane, on the verge next to the local ‘lending library’ (Which, it seems, someone has installed a large tree trunk next to, probably to prevent SOTA activators cars with dodgy brakes running into it… I did park mine pointing down the hill, in reverse, just in case…)

The extensive lending library… AKA the old phone box.

The last couple of times I have been up there, it’s been either frozen, or very dry. Today it was neither, rather slippery and wet, with just the remnants of the snow from the previous day. Around half way up, I came upon a poor little fella, who didn’t quite make it…

Poor lil fella, didn’t quite make it to the top…

Eventually struggling to the top of the rise, I found they’d replaced the remnants of the old fence with some new one, and a gate that opened… into a big bog… Either edge of the gate was fine, where the gate opened, about 9 inches of water… nice.

I zigged zagged the way up to the top, trying to avoid the worst of the bog, eventually getting to the topograph, to find it very windy… The normal place I work from was far too breezy, so I set up in the lee of the small peak where the topograph is.

My original intention was to operate from 60M to 2M, in the end, I plumped just for 2m FM, with the coaxial colinear, 10M ssb and 40M ssb with the linked dipole.

Hiding down behind the topograph (in the sun, sometimes :wink: )

40 QSOs were logged, nothing really DX, furthest being ea8/pa7zee on 10M enjoying himself in the Canaries, where it was hopefully a little warmer than the 6C here!

Despite there hardly being any mobile signal for most of the time, I had a nice text informing me that I’d had 5 voicemails, and being between contracts, i thought I’d better listen to them! That meant calling it a day when several CQs went unanswered, not helped by the fact I was getting stomped on by people tuning up s9 on adjacent frequencies.

Thanks again to everyone who called and/or spotted me, and apologies if I missed anyone.