G/TW Summits

Me and M0JDK will try to knock off the 5 TW summits this Saturday. We have to drive a good few miles now to activate some summits and because of this we try to get as many in a day as we can to make the trip worthwhile.
I can’t decide if I need to take a 9 ele beam or a 5 ele sota beam, I been thinking some of these summits must be unique for some chasers and we want to give everyone a fair crack at the whip. We will only be on 2m SSB (horizontal) FM by request only

I am thinking of taking a 9 ele (horizontal) and up to 50 watts of power which should give chasers a chance without being to heavy, idealy however I think a 5 ele will be better to carry. What are the summits like and do you think I will need a 9 ele to push the signal south. Is there anyone that wants us to go vertical as I will have to make a mod to the 9 ele antenna mount to do this if I take it.


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Will look for you on these 5 summits Steve, so don’t forget to beam north west and west.

The five ele beam should easily do the job with 50w into it.
Good luck with the activation and have fun.

73 Mike

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Looking back to what you have already done TW-004 and TW-005 are easier than Billinge (yes that is possible). TW-001 about same as Shinning Tor TW-002 similar but shorter. TW-003 (the one I need) is just a longish walk-in on tracks.
With 50W 5 Ele should be fine.Might be worth checking that there is no Grouse Shooting on TW-003 :slight_smile: on Saturday.

Roger G4OWG

Cool a 5 ele it is then with up to 50 watts and promise to turn W/NW
Spots will be up as usual 10 or so minutes prior to us starting up…
anyone having a problem calling in you are always welcome to txt 07717 857202, my mobile, (dont call its not easy answering phone and working radio) and I will turn the beam, this counts for any summit I may be on inc other days I am on summits as well… :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support

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The only problem I can see is actually doing all 5 in the ammount of daylight available. TW-003 & TW-005 are at least 100 miles apart as the crow flies. TW-001 if done from the usual start point of Clay Bank car park is a good 1 hour walk in to the true summit. An SB5 beam & 50w should be adequate for most of the UK on ssb. If you get stuck for contacts on TW-001,002,003 revert to FM & beam North over Middlesbrough & Newcastle or try 80m ;-))

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I have a candle in a milk bottle for the dark bits :wink: and we may make our start time a bit earlier

Yes we were starting at Clay Bank for 001, the final two 003/005 are looking like very easy ones, but as you say it’s the driving miles between the final two summits that will take the time.

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I’m sure you will get plenty of takers on these summits on 2m SSB. The difference between the beams is minimal, so I’d take the SB5. It worked fine for me from GM down to Devon last weekend.

TW-005 is best activated from the side of the road running nearly north-south to the west of the summit (around TF116962) - this is where I activated it when it was getting dark.

Will be looking out for you… for once someone is on my side of the country!!!

73, Gerald