G/TW region help needed


I will be visiting UK for few days,stays at Kingston Upon Hull, it is G/TW SOTA Region and need some hints how to easily get near to summits G/TW-005 and G/TW-004 by public transportation.I am trying find any rails or busses but maybe someone know this region better and can help to not waste time for searching.
Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Greg,

I may be able to help you with G/TW-004 as only live 13miles from that STOTA if you can e-mail me please do (t.sayner@ntlworld.com)

Terry de G0VWP

When I lived in the UK a few years ago, it helped to use an online map such as www.openstreetmap.org to find likely nearby places with bus stops or railway stations, and www.traveline.info for timetables. You may have to walk a few miles, not all small settlements have a frequent service.

Let’s see: G/TW-004 is less than an hour’s walk from Bishop Wilton which has buses from York, but a rather sparse service on weekends. There is a bus service from Market Rasen to on demand (you need to call 2 h in advance, traveline has the number) that serves the villages around G/TW-005, among them Normanby Le Wold which seems to be the nearest place. It also looks walkable from Nettleton or Caistor which are served by the bus between Lincoln and Grimsby.

73, Jan-Martin

Thanks Terry, will contact You by email soon.

Thanks Jan-Martin, i also think that Grimsby is good direction from Hull,but for me always is a problem can i buy ticket in the bus directly from driver, cause walking in unknown terrain not always let me be on time on bus stop.

Sorry I can’t help but yes, you will be able to buy your ticket from the driver as you get on the bus

Thanks for that info Andy :slight_smile:

Hi Grzegorz,

Getting to Bishop Wilton Wold (known as Garrowby Hill by the locals) and Normandby Top using public transport is going to be both time consuming and difficult.

G/TW-005 - Normanby Top.

For Normandby Top, one option could be the “Humber Flyer” bus (run by the Stagecoach company) from Hull to the Humberside airport and then a Taxi from there - agreeing that he will pick you up say, 2 hours after he drops you off. Normandby top is not too far from the Humberside Airport.

Alternatively - instead of a Taxi you could take the 53C (run by the call connect company) bus from the airport to Caistor and walk south out of Caistor on High Street for about 2 kilometres and you will be within the 25m vertical activation zone for G/TW-005. The driver might even drop you on that road if you ask him - but you’ll need to walk back into Caistor for the return journey.

Note however you have to book a place on that 53C bus “MUST BE BOOKED more than 2hrs in advance. Phone 0345 234 3344.” It’s effectively a local airport shuttle service.

Details here:

http://www.traveline.info/ - click on “plan your journey” and then select Hull and Caistor.

G/TW-004 - Bishop Witon Wold

The buses that go near Garrowby Hill, are normal buses from East Yorkshire Motor Services.

The Pocklington to York bus goes to Bishop Wilton, but that’s at the bottom of the (steep) hill and you would have to get from Hull to York or Pocklington on another bus, to connect with this route. If Terry can meet you in York and take you here - that’d be a good solution. There are trains from Hull to York every couple of hours (there are also buses).

When are you intending to be in Hull? - is this a weekend visit or during the week?

Good luck! 73 Ed DD5LP (born in Kingston upon Hull now living in Germany).

Thanks Ed for all information :slight_smile:
With TW004 i got info from Terry G0VWP he will pick me from York and probably we will made joint activation :wink: Terry is very kind ham :slight_smile:
TW005 is open case,i will decide on place in Hull how i get there.Booking ticket for bus is not my style cause activation is a dynamic time,You know Ed, weather change, bulls on path and You missed the bus :wink: probably the best solution will be train to Grimsby and from there bus to Nettleton Top and then march to summit and same way back after activation, should be good solution for a day trip,what You think Ed?
For the record, i will be there for a week, plan activations in working days.



Does it have to be G/TW region as there is probably a few summits in the the G/NP region you may be able to access by train.
Not to sure of the return train times but you could probably travel to Hull to Ribblehead to activate G/NP-004 Whernside with VHF only.

May cost more for train fares but more points and maybe less hassle.


Hi Grzegorz,

That’s not the best plan. The train does not go over the river as the road does. That means you would have to take a train to Selby or possibly Leeds and then change to another train that comes back along the south bank of the River Humber to Grimsby. Simpler would be to take a Bus from Hull to Grimsby. This would actually be an airport bus to Humberside airport and then another airport bus from Humberside airport to Grimsby:

Looking at traveline.info, you need to connect to a Stagecoach 53A bus in Grimsby. Other options use the shuttle buses that you need to book.

If you get to Nettleton Top you are within the Activation Zone for G/TW-005 so you’d just need to find somewhere to set up your station - the land around there is very flat - you are on a plateau.


In Principal you need to check traveline.info for the best option once you know which day you want to go, but I suspect it is going to be a full days trip, there and back!

Thanks again Ed for suggestions, yes probably it will be a day trip. Hope to made succesful activation :slight_smile:

Correcting my info above - it’s not two buses from Hull to Grimsby, the same Humber Flyer bus goes all the way, via the airport. Leaving every hour - here’s some more details:


Do you know yet when you will be in Hull?

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed for info.
I will be there in Wednesday, and in Thursday we go to G/TW 004 with Terry G0VWP, next decisions will be later :slight_smile: