G/tw-003 last min day out

Hi All
Well had a good day out and thanks to Mick & Steve for the new one’s s2s four in total, also thanks to M0BQD Lesa & M1BTG George they are regulars up in TW land, did not hear INK at all.

I did feel the day was let down by the weather as it was a bitter wind from the NE and in mist most of the day till 1500hrs when the sun came out, my brother was at Scarborough and Whitby and he said that it was bitter on the coast with sea frets

Hope you got down Off NP-015 before the rain came down Mick and ref the batteries I only used one of the W4RT 2300mAH all day so it did well.

Did try the 144 SSB side but nothing at all did hear a G4/p but could not rise him he was down south.

Tom M1EYP I did park were you did and it was a better spot.

Well lets hope the weather will be better next weekend thanks again all and hope you all had a good day to.