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G/TW-003 Gisborough Moor Today

Hi All
I am doing an 11 mile walk around Gisborough Moor today passing over TW-003. The usual dial-a-spot service that Roy G4SSH normally provided is not available today as Roy is operating the special event station GB1AFD.

Could anyone within range listen out on 145.500 MHz (S20) around 0945-1000z for my signals. I will only be carrying a half wave rucksack special antenna but I will also try 144.300 USB Vertical polarisation in an effort to qualify the summit.

73 Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:

Hi Phil,

I will lisen out for you as just down the road from the summit.

Terry G0VWP

In reply to G4OBK:

Hi Phil…lovely clear contact and you certainly had a nice day for a wander up in the hills…!! Thnx for the qso. Put a spot on for you on 144.300 ssb…hope it worked…!!!

Denny M3HSJ

In reply to G4OBK:
what’s wrong with spotting yourself with an SMS?


In reply to MM0FMF:

In reply to G4OBK:
what’s wrong with spotting yourself with an SMS?

Roy is more likely to send you a Christmas card.


G3CWI (SMS-Spotlite only when desperate)

I appreciated having all three methods available to me - SPOTlite, SMS Bot and SSH Dial-a-spot. Especially when I am on a hill where two of them are not available!


2m FM is alive and well in the north east of England…especially on a Sunday morning.

My activation reassured me as the recently appointed Region Manager for Tees to the Wash that 2m FM in the North East is very well used! I have now activated TW-003 and TW-004 this year with TW-001 and TW-002 to be done later. No guarantees I can get down as far south as the Lincolnshire Wolds this year to activate TW-005, we will see what trips turn up taking me that way. It is good if the Region Manager can activate all summits within his region - very easy when there are only five to do!

In retrospect I could have easily qualified Guisborough Moor with the handheld and RSS however to guarantee success with that antenna I decided to cart the FT-857 and 5A LiPo on the 11 mile walk with fellow members of the Ryedale Walking Group http://www.ryedalewalking.co.uk/ . Together with the litre of water and 3/4 litre flask of tea it was good fitting training and it felt like I had done more like 15 miles at the end of the walk. Thankfully my XYL carried the rest of the tuck…

My friend Geoff and I set off ahead of the group from the parking spot above Commondale village at NZ656105 going up past the small First World War Cenotaph on the shooters track. No sign of the gamekeeper today - the first time I have been up there and not met him. He lives at North Ings Farm.

Sixteen 2m QSOs were the result with 14 on 2m FM and 2 on SSB vertically polarised, a big disadvantage on that mode, but worth a try. Thank’s to Denny M3HSJ for spotting me on SSB. I had almost 40 minutes operating time before the group appeared so there was time for a bit of rag chewing from the summit. Virtually all the stations worked were to the north of me, Durham, Newcastle, Tyemouth, Speenymoor etc but M0BDR was near Catterick.

For Andy - I do have a mobile of course - is the SMS spotting expensive ? i.e. would the cost of the text’s be within my normal calling plan? Roy provides me with a good service on dial a spot most of the time and as these are normal calls they don’t cost me anything as they form part of my 75 minutes per month calling plan.

73 Phil

PS A good tip recently discovered. Tea made in the new style stainless steel flasks tastes fine even if you put the milk in when you make it. I usually leave the tea bag in the flask all day. In the old style flasks it used to taste horrible…