G/TW-001 & TW-002 sunday 19th during Lyke Wake Walk

Hi All,

As last year, myself and Bob M1BBV are doing the Lyke Wake Walk for charity again this weekend. Were supporting Menningitis Now this year. No special callsign this time as that proved useless due to HAAT last year, but we will be doing a SES walk GB0LSW the following sunday!

Again we are an unsupported walk, but doing the reverse route - E-W.

We hope to activate G/TW-002 and G/TW-001 sometime between 1100 and 1400UTC on sunday 19th. We will be on 2m FM, with some possible 6m FM.

Should anyone feel inclined to donate to our good cause, you can do so here Sponsor page for Meningitis Now LWW

If you hear us please give us a call
Martin G7MRV

Apologies if anyone was listening for us on sunday. Unfortunately both myself and Bob picked up injuries during the walk, so the SOTA was scrubbed in favour of actually completing the walk.

Our thanks to those of you who donated to our charity!

However, we will return and activate those summits! Just not as part of the Lyke Wake Walk! We will get parked as close as possible and go straight up and down!

Hopefully we will both be fit again by this coming sunday for GB0LSW!

Martin G7MRV