G/TW-001 by G4ASA/P

I had a S2S qso with Dave on the 16/02/2013
G4ASA/P G/TW-001 to F/AM-617

This contact has not been confirmed, and it looks like Dave did not upload his log for this date.

Any explanation? Thanks from Gerald

As G4ASA/P has uploaded logs for contacts on 15/02 (G/TW-002) and 21/02 (G/TW-001) perhaps he has just forgotten to do so for the 16/02.

(I have checked and your call does NOT appear in the log for 21/02).

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:
Hi Gerald

yes you are correct, had forgotten to upload my log, which has now been done.

My apologies.

a bientot.


In reply to G4ASA:
Good job Dave, I hope many S2S witch is amazing.
Tanks Stewart for helping.
Gerald, in sunny French Riviera.