G-SP015 The Cloud 07/10/10

Just a quick report of todays activation of a very cloudy The Cloud.
We were shunted from the back by a driver who sped off and left me and M6MMM at the side of the A34 first thing this morning. We think this was done deliberately and so waited for the police to attend.
They are interviewing the offender tonight.
Managed to get Mickies car going again and so off we go. Got to Congleton but just did not manage to drive past McDonalds. After a quick bite we once more set off, noticing that we were both beginning to get a little stiff in the neck and back.
Parked in the usual and were soon on the summit in a very bitter wind and low cloud. Quite parky - glad I bothered to take my walking coat.
Set up a couple of antennas and had a look around a few bands.
Made a few contacts, one in Cuba on 20m. This proved that Mickies new Pro-Whip was working OK so started to improve his mood.
Still like my linked di-pole though. Much quicker to put up and no tuner needed, although I finally decided to have a go at activating this hill on 15m. As my dipole is not cut for this band…decided to make use of Mickies Pro-Whip and tuner.
Using my FT-857 I was very pleased to have about 30 QSO’s. Thank you to all who chased me today. I appologise if I missed anyone - not done intentionally, but QRM was rising as the activation developed.
Contacts from most of Europe, Canaries, Macedonia, Kuwait, Canada and the US of A.
What a nice band this is. Makes a change too.
I will load up all contacts in the SOTA logs tomorrow night (and do the same for Mickie as he has broken his computer).
Once again, many thanks to all you chasers who made a bad day very enjoyable.
Until next time,
John - G1STQ