G-SP015 1st SOTA HF activation today

I have been playing around making various linked di-poles over the past couple of months and finally settled on markIV. Moment I had made it, work comittments stopped me playing radio - until today…but will it work???
Made my way to G-SP015 The Cloud. This is my first time here and suprised myself when I found the recommended parking place and even found the steps to start the walk up.
Great weather, cloudless sky and light breeze helped me to erect my new HF di-pole in about 10 minutes. Simple is good.
Self spotted myself, first cq put out on 40 metres at 5 watts from a Yaesu FT-817.
2 chasers responded. DL2EF, Frank who is located near Dusseldorf. He gave me a 5/5. Another Frank, OE6WIG located on the Austrian/Slovak border. 5/3 from him.
I was pleased with that. Conditions not too good. Much QRM in Europe apparently…and only 5 watts.
Switched to 20 metres next and remembered to pull the links on the di-pole.
Again 2 chasers responded to my calls.
Nico, PD0MNF in the Netherlands gave me a 5/8 and then I also worked Serge RA3PCI. A 5/5 to 5/7 report from locator KO93 (about 1,650 miles) topped off a great couple of hours playing radio.
Thank you to those stations worked. It was nice to be able to have decent conversations with you all. Sorry if I missed anyone - don’t think I did!
I was beginning to think that maybe a radio change to something with 50watts might be needed - but not any more. I am happy with my little FT-817 and it’s nice to prove that my new antenna is working as it should be.
I must admid, I thought that my 1 point for today was much easier than the 1 point earned when I climbed The Wrekin :slight_smile:
On to the next…

Well done on activating SOTA’s No. 1 summit John. I was up there just around 7am this morning, and it was glorious even then. I similarly found 40m yesterday, and 20m today to be relatively slow going, but yet with 2-way reports being what you might normally expect into DXCCs you would normally expect.

Keep up the good work. There are plenty of 1 (and 2) point summits that are much easier than The Cloud - and lots of 1 point summits that are much harder than The Wrekin! They await you here in UK SOTAland.


In reply to M1EYP:
If any chasers are concerned, simply waiting for the database.
I have not forgotten to log your QSO’s.