G/sp004 thanks for all contacts

just a thank you to all how called in, total of 227 contacts
thank you to vk5pas paul for the call and other state side , eu, gb stations
A very enjoyable day on a very windy summit

so total of £45 pound from contacts and extra £5 donated by Philip
Will go to text Santa through Santander in morning

Best regards and season greeting to all from ray
Back out Tuesday,
Ps thank you Micky for loan of summit

In reply to G7TAS:

Ps thank you Micky for loan of summit

Ray, I normally require two weeks notice and payment up front (all major credit cards and Paypal accepted) for the hire of G/SP-004 Shining Tor. But as this was a charity event, I’ve very generously decided to waive my fee.

However, VK contacts are another matter …just don’t make a habit of it :wink:

Well done on the fantastic number of contacts especially Paul VK5PAS, a regular SOTA chaser and working through the very windy WX.

Thanks for the S2S too.

73 Mike