G/SP-012 Easington Fell

73 Chris M0RSF


Hi Chris,

I did Pendle Hill G/SP-005, Easington Fell and Longridge Fell G/SP-014 in early May on the way home from a delivery drive down south. Pendle Hill was chocker with families and litter. By contrast, I had the walk and summit of Easington Fell to myself.

With limited time, I was activiating 2m FM only but had no problem getting the summit qualified with its excellent VHF take-off using my 5W HT and Diamond RH770 ½-wave telescopic.

Thanks for the video – nice to be reminded of the views. I did the first route you discussed which was fine back in the Spring, only slightly boggy in a few places.

73 Andy

Thanks Chris, great video of your activation. :smiley:

73 Geoff vk3sq