G/SP-010 Winter Hill yesterday - 23 June 2015

Brief report of my activation in my blog: G4OBK SP-010 Winter Hill

73 Phil G4OBK

Listened but couldn’t hear you on 10m Phil. Also listened for Herbert, nothing on 10m but could just hear him on 6m but he couldn’t hear me. How about getting on 6m Phil (SSB please) as 6m EU-UK is good at the moment.

73 Ed.

P.S. going to try for some 6 metres portable at the weekend from Switzerland as it’s not allowed in Germany - I’ll be using my UK call - so HB/G8GLM/P - also hoping for a contact with GB8GLM in Northern Ireland from Green Lane Museum (hence GLM in their call).

Yes Ed, not surprised you couldn’t hear me yesterday, The sporadic E was very small spotty. I am on 6m from home with a yagi but the Es season so far (and I know the band well having been a DXer on 6m since the mid 1980s) in my opinion, has been very poor.

My link dipole for the SOTA Challenge is also linked for the 6m band and I did have QSOs on there on the first day of the Challenge on 15th May. I was short of time yesterday so once I had my fill on 10m that was time enough. The activator is king as we say…

Listen for me from Italy next week, I will be QRV on 6m, 10m, 20m and 30m both as a chaser and activator. I wish you well in Switzerland.

73 Phil

6m has been very poor for me this year, still 0 QSOs for the challenge :frowning:

See you Friday Ed as I want to pick your brains about Gehrenberg BW-348.