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G/SP-008 car breakin

Evening all just be aware when parking for G/SP-008, after a quick activation and back to the car after nearly 2 hours only to find the rear passenger window broke.

Only thing missing was the work laptop.

73 Graeme

I’m sorry to hear that Graeme - very annoying :rage:


Hi Graeme,

Very annoying. It’s not just the loss of property, it’s all the broken glass that gets in crevices - you never seem to quite get the last bit. Had a rear window broken because I left a pair of glasses in a case visible on the back seat. Looked a bit like a mobile phone I guess. This was in a paid commercial car park!

I now cover up stuff of value or that looks like it might be of value that I can’t leave at home. About 2 in 1,000 people can’t be trusted in VK - much the same in the UK.

Hope that’s the last time you get broken into. Good luck retrieving any lost data.


Really bad news - remember the value of the business data in the wrong hands is far greater than the value of the laptop. Hopefully the drive was encrypted. Most likely this is simply a lout not a directed attack and he’ll have hocked the laptop at his local pawn shop.


There’s an old saying never leave anything on view or display that will tempt some little idiot to break into your
motor or even leave an in print of the foot that holds your sat nav in window is another give away. And being
remote place too it can happen anywhere…
More caution name of the game note.

Like ya said its bloody mess they behind let alone care about.


New window ordered today and should be replaced by the weekend, just cleaning those bits of glass up.
The laptop is protected with bitlocker so hopefully that should prevent access, the annoying thing is everything was out of sight under the rear seat I can only assume they went for that window as it was out of sight from passing traffic.

I was expecting to find a QSL card on the drivers seat from an anrgy contest station saying
"Tnx for the QRM, 73 enjoy ur cold drive home".


Sorry to hear about the break in Graeme. I must admit that I am always relieved to see the car when I come down off the hills and even more relieved when it is intact. I have actually had a local pull up and advise me not to park in a particular place when I have been out activating. I have also ascended a summit and left one of the rear doors wide open and nothing was missing when I returned (thank you the nice people of Arnside).


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