G/SP-006 White Hill 4M and 6M

In addition to HF and 2m, Im planning on trying out a couple of home brew antennas on 4M and 6M while out on White Hill (G/SP-006) in the Trough of Bowland tomorrow (4/8/21). I’ve not been very successful on anything other than 2m, and to a lesser extent HF, when out on SOTA activations, so some 6m and 4m QSOs in the log would be a bonus. Should ve active aroubd 10 UTC, and will post frequnecies to SOTA watch.

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Hi Dave

Hope to get S2S tomorrow as we will be next door on SP-005 , unfortunately no 4 and 6m for us but will be active on 40/20/10 and 2m

Good luck with the new bands

Craig 2e0vrx

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I have to pass Pendle Hill and Easington Fell to get to White Hill, so if I manage to get up there in good time, and I’m feeling fit, I might try one of those a bit later. I always have a 2m hand held with me as welll so i’ll listen out for you - m0jks.

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Distinct possiblity of contacts with me in Pickering on VHF. Although 6m and 4m doubtful as I am horizontal polarised on that band. I’ll be watching out for your spots tomorrow, and when I am in the shack I’ll have S20 on squelch.

73 Phil

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I don’t think the ES prospects over the UK are going to be good tomorrow for 4m & 6m. I hope I’m wrong of course, best wishes!

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Sadly, I think you’re right. I only have a vertically polarized 6M and 4M antenna (home brew coax flower pot and 5/8, hanging off a decathlon fishing pole) so it’ll be FM only. One contact on either and Ill be happy! I do have a arrow 2m/70cm yagi - which I can mount horizontally - so I might give 2m ssb a try. I’ve not tried 2m ssb much ('ve only had a license for 10 months), is their many sota stations out there listening on 144.300 ssb ?

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I will try to get out to Dent G/LD-045, the path should be workable.

I worked 3 stations on 70MHz FM when I was on White Hill in Nov 2018. One is now not active on 70MHz, their antenna has come down.

4m FM is quite workable on many summits. I normally run 50W from a Wouxun 980 into a flowerpot antenna. I have activated 204 summits on 4m, so it is possible. You must let people know when you are activating on the other bands particularly 2m. “Many thanks for the QSO, I will also be on 4m a bit later”. This alerts some listners that might not work you on 2m but will be keen to try 4m. There are quite a lot of people out there with ex PMR kit that they will turn on. and then work you.

Most of the time the band is quite so you can just sit on the calling channel 70.45MHz but sometime you have to move. Staying on 70.45MHz makes it easier to be found by those who have a ex PMR sets that monitor the channel.

There are certain problems with 4m FM rigs and summits.

  1. You call with plenty of power but the chaser cannot hear you. This can be that their ex PMR rig Squelch has been set too high and they cannot change it.
  2. Everyone can hear you but you cannot hear them. This is caused by your rig’s Rx being overloaded by local transmitter sites. This occurs because the Rx is wideband to allow dual band 2m/4m rigs to work.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Thanks Andrew. I tried this aporoach when I was on Glyder Fawr a fortnight ago, but by the time I’d finished 2m, the midges had become intolerable so I had to abandond 4m. I’m more prepared this time - i have a midge net.

Hope to work you tomorrow…

Dave (M0JKS)