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G/SP-004 Shining Tor today

Aficinados of G/SP-004 will be pleased to know the horrible ladder stile over the wall to the trigpoint has been replaced with one of those spring loaded gates - much better with a 15kg pack on your back.

Anyway a nice activation today, sunny and 17C. Flying ants a problem when the wind dropped. I was hoping for tropo on vhf as I could receive band 2 radio stations from EI at home. As it turned out I never noticed any lift - maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

100 contacts in log.
80m ssb - 8
40m ssb - 33
20m ssb - 3
17m ssb - 3
10m ssb - 3
4m fm - 2
2m fm - 18
2m ssb - 28
70cm fm - 2

2W0CYM/P GW/NW-005
2W0MCV/P GW/NW-040
G0IBE/P G/CE-001

Thanks for the calls & the spots.

In reply to G1INK:
Hi Steve I heard you work the EI station on 144 ssb and he ws 5-9 to me on the back of my beam which was set for vert pol.73 atb Geoff G6MZX

In reply to G1INK:

100 contacts is a very good total for any activation but for mid week is excellent!

Well done Steve!

VHF / UHF conditions seem very good this morning with a nice high pressure system sat right over the UK that should stay until Tuesday, when another one could move into it’s place. I’ve just accessed GB3WN in Wolverhampton on 70cms & have just accessed GB3EV in Kendal on 2mtrs, neither of these repeaters are usually receivable at all here.

And it’s Sunny too :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G1INK:
Hi Steve,
Good to see the stile has been replaced. It was looking to be on it’s last legs a couple of weeks back. One of the steps on the trig point side was missing.
Good tally of contacts too!



In reply to G1INK:

Fantastic path over the Irish sea today and yesterday. The Isle of Man repeaters have been very strong at home here in Runcorn: GB3GD on 2m at 20db over 9 and GB3IM on 70cm at 40db over 9. Also, Jim EI3GE owes me a signal meter :wink:

On the other hand, conditions to the W and SW have been very flat indeed. I was portable at the local high spot (non-sota) last night and both the Dutch and Belgian beacons were very weak. Hopefully things will pick up for VHF/UHF activators today to match the weather system.

73, Chris

In reply to M1DTJ:
I was picking up a few stations from Ireland today while on Crib Goch, Snowdonia taking photos. I was just using a 2m handie and rubber duck, they were much stronger than usual. I worked a /p station on the South West tip of Wales at a good strength too.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the PYG track as busy, give me a quieter walk any day!

Thanks for the QSO yesterday afternoon Steve (INK),

Roger MW0IDX