G/SP-004 no show

Sorry for my no-show on Shining Tor today. I knew my co-ax wasnt in my bag so I put it where I wouldnt forget it. I then made myself late by trying to work the French summit on 40m. I then left in a rush. Got to the summit, -5C but sunny with a stiff easterly wind. Started setting up - no co-ax. :-((
At least I only drove 8 miles & not 308.
Steve G1INK.

Getting old takes its toll hé Steve :o)

(age 48 here by the way)


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49 hr :frowning:

See, I know what I’m talking about :o)

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What’s this 308 miles? So close… I had planned a 390 mile round trip today to activate NW-014 and NW-045, but had to abandon due to that thing called stress. Hopefully back fully fit soon to do this pair. I started on the road to recovery by downing a few pints of real ale in the pub last night!

73, Gerald

P.S. 55 hr. Who is our most senior activator?

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60 got bus pass to prove it.
2 days too young to get £200 fuel supplement though :frowning:

Roger G4OWG

P.S. 55 hr. Who is our most senior activator?

61 at the end of the year, and I got the £200!

Regards, Dave, M0DFA/G6DTN

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2 days too young to get £200 fuel supplement though :frowning:

You have my sympathy Roger; mind you for me that’s only about three activations worth of fuel, or 18 bonus points whichever way you look at it :wink:

On the age front, I think Frank G3RMD tops your score and Dave’s as well. Seems I am a mere youngster!

73, Gerald

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63 hr!

Bus pass, fuel allowance, B&Q Diamond Card etc.



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Bah! Humbug! You old duffers! Here I am working all the hours there are so Brown can tax me and give it to you lot as heating subsidies!

Actually I’ve reached the age were I no longer know how old I am anymore, I have to stop and figure it out. 46 last time I looked. Though for my sins in my youth I have the diabetes of a 70 years old :slight_smile:

It’s too cold for cycling today… so I’m off for a run now!


Cycling in Scotland, now there’s something I’d love to do one day.

When there are no midges ( right spelling?) of course


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Who is our most senior activator?

Perhaps there is a case here for the MT to consider an age bonus for activators ! 50 - 55 = 1 bonus point; 56 - 60 = 2 pts; 60 - 65 = 4 pts; 66+ = 6 pts.

51 Hr

73 Glyn

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I’ll vote for that - I’m 66!


Brian G8ADD

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I know that Brian G3NIJ with whom I have done 3 joint activations is over 70. I’ll have to ask him for the exact number. Like the idea of the age bonus - I’ll have some!!

I walk a fair bit with a friend not an activator who is 74 and he goes straight up the Cheviot and others in the area, without pausing for breath and leaves me trailing about 3-400 yards behind.
73 jim

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Well I feel like I’m about 93 after a day’s activating…

73 de Paul G4MD

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OOOH, cutting! Just because I haven’t done anything since LD13 on 6th Oct!


Brian G8ADD

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You lot of old crocks have cheered me up somewhat, I’m only 55 next May, I still feel ready for the knackers yard though!!

73 Mike

In reply to GW0DSP:
The guy I look up to is a youngster in the climbing club, he had a knee operation at the start of the year, and since then he has had a couple of weeks climbing in the Alps and a week ski mountaineering in the Alps, has been to North Africa, had several climbing trips where he climbs to Very Severe standard, and helps with the teams cleaning up and coppicing around Walton Hill.

This guy is 76!

There’s hope for us all, yet!


Brian G8ADD