G/SP-003 Ward's Stone today

Just wanted to apologise to anyone I left out when working this summit today. Weather was AWFUL. Heavy rain and windy. My wife and friend had really had enough of waiting for me after 15 minutes so I had to cut and run. Thanks to the chasers I did speak to for being very brief and to the point - I’d love to have chatted, but not today I’m afraid.

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Hi Gerald,

I was involved in a Raynet exercise covering the Bowland Fells on the day you activated Wards Stone,& the weather conditions on the fells were indeed awful.

Well done on activating what is probably the most remote G/SP summit, much more remote than Black Hill, although less ascent than Kinder Scout.

A word of warning, or maybe just something to remind anyone reading this, that even the most experienced can be taken by surprise on hills you may know so well.

This is from my local newspaper’s website. I had so far resisted posting any mention of this here, but this gentleman does deserve more than just a few lines on a local rag’s “advertising medium”.

The Southern Pennines may not be that high, they may not be the most spectacular, but they can be just as lethal as any hill, even to the most experienced… :frowning:

Rest in Peace Bill…

Mark G0VOF

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Hi Mark, I had heard about that very sad accident. I’m a member of my local Mountain Rescue team and I had heard through the wider MR community about this job done by the Bowland Pennine MRT.

Must have been a tough recovery.

Very sad indeed.

Gerald MW6AQU