G/SE-012 Brighstone Down, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight has two SOTA summits, SE-008 St Boniface Down and SE-012 Brighstone Down. I managed to activate both on Tuesday, 01 Sept 2020.
SE-012 Brighstone Down involves a 25 minute easy hike from a car park located at lat/long 50.6589°, -1.4067°. Most people parking at the car park will be heading up Mottistone Down to the west. For the SOTA, use your GPS and/or map to instead head east for the trig point at 50.6606°, -1.3896°. The track to take is 30 metres down the road having turned right out of the car park.

The trig point itself would be easily missed if it were not for GPS help. It is on a small path off the main track, only about 70 metres or so, but it would be easy to walk by and not notice it down there.

There is just enough space to guy off a telescopic mast. My linked dipole fitted in but only with an east-west string-out, giving best radiation pattern north-south. Even so, I managed to accumulated 14 QSOs on 40m and 2 on 20m. QRP 3Watts CW with my KX1.

Thank you to all those that exchanged contacts with me.

73 & 72 de G0KPE