G/SE-007 Crowborough

Hi Guys

Took the opportunity whilst XYL was having a beautification in Brighton to Activate Crowborough G/SE-007. Unfortunately after a good opener on 60M I heard a ‘twang’ shortly after opening the links for 40M and half the aerial parted company with the tee piece!

Sorry to those who were trying to get me on 40M. Blog to follow later.

73 Glyn

Blog is now up at www.g4cfs.co.uk

See you all on the hills tomorrow from SC-002 & SC-004


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Hi Glyn

I will be very keen to hear how you get on on SC-002 as I’m planning to try and activate it on Saturday.

All the best

Hello Glyn,
Thanks for SE-007 on 60M. All is explained about 40M I did wonder what had happened! Crowborough is about 13 miles from here!

I was chased off SC-002 by a PCSO in a large 4WD vehicle, quite a few years ago, It was something to do with the cairn being some kind of megalithic structure?? I had made my qualifying contacts so I complied with the request. Irony was the PCSO was doing more damage in his vehicle than I was with my 3 tent pegs.

Now now Steve you shouldn’t refer to PCSO’s as megalithic structures - not very PC(SO) :smile:

Apart from that the Megalithic Structure is in the car park not on the top

I will watch out then! Forecast not looking too good, wind and rain. Sorry you didn’t have the best if activations Glyn

Give a man a peaked hat or hi-vis jacket and the power goes to their head :smile:

What is a PCSO ? Some sort of ranger ?

Tks, Nick

Police Community Support Officer - pseudo cop

It goes with the territory Glyn. Duff summit, duff antenna. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Quite agree Gerald - at least I can fix the antenna!!!

73 Glyn