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Thanks to all the chasers who kept me company on Monday on my tour through the easterly end of the South Downs Way. See my activation report at G/SE-011 Wilmington Hill, G/SE-010 Firle Beacon, G/SE-014 Cliffe Hill, G/SE-006 Ditchling Beacon | G4CFS - Summits On The Air, Meteors & Satellites

I think I finally have proof that Mike G6TUH has mystical powers

73 Glyn


Nice report Glyn, Have you considered replacing that 2aH SLAB battery with a LifePO or Lipo battery? They’re a LOT lighter and smaller and so, if you got a for example, a 5aH model, you should manage more or longer activations before you had to pack up due to no battery power left.

73 Ed.

Very interesting report young man.
So still possible for Cornwall to be come another DCXX
hmm MC3FEH likes that

As for mike nah not mystic but a damn good stalker LOL
Have noted many a time young Mike appears quickly and certainly knows his stuff. I have found by studying certain bands and certain goats they have certain habits and you can almost predict where there going to appear and also monitoring 14285 also helps too beating the pile up.


Yes, well worth considering if you don’t mind carrying a potential time-bomb in your back pack. :smile:
Why do you think the airlines have such stringent regulations pertaining to the transportation of lithium batteries?


Personally, having experienced one of them bursting into flames in my car, I would have nothing to do with them.

Walt (G3NYY)

Only problem with any battery even had experience with a 9V battery once in pocket shorted across a two pence coin and burnt a hole in trouser pocket and burnt me leg while driving along damn that got hot. See demo once again 9V battery flat and wire wool good way to start a fire quickly.

Now this could happen with any battery if its shorted out voltage drops amps increase to point its producing some mega heat enough to burn or even ignite.

Would have thought caution when transporting any battery is a must safety first and don’t take it for granted its ok.


I have been using Life packs for a few years now without any problems. Had one bloat on me but Life packs are much safer than Lipo packs and they are lower voltage so you do not need any circuitry to use them. Zippy 4800 are 13.2 and work perfect with my KX3. I also transport/store all my batteries in an army surplus locking lid ammo can.

LiPo is the chemistry that can catch fire. LiFePO batteries are safe.


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Hi Walt - what happens if a SLAB drops onto a hard surface, or somehow shorts out? Acid, high burning current.

We have to be careful with whatever power source we use.

LifePO are safer (and conveniently have less volts per cell than LIPO, making a 4S Lifepo an ideal replacement for a SLAB, with the voltage being around the same.

I have 3 LIPOs for three years (bought them before LifePOs were available). Never had any problems with them and they’ve flown around the world with me with different airlines.

If I were to buy a new battery, I would go with the LifePo.

73 Ed.

I have been using LiPo and LiFePO4 batteries for 2-3 years now without any issues (touch wood). Whilst I have heard of some issues being experienced with the LiPo batteries, I have also seen videos where people have shorted them out and even shot them without any significant ill effect, so I am somewhat cynical about the stories of woe people claim with these batteries.

Obviously common sense applies -

Hi Ed

Thanks for comment re batteries. Yes I am in the process of replacing all my SLABs with a ZIPPY Flightmax 4200mAh 4S1P 30C LiFePo4.

73 Glyn