G/SE-004, Butser Hill

Has anyone who has activated this recently (i.e. The last year) got any advice re getting permission please? I’ve emailed the address listed, but had no response and was hoping to go there next Wednesday.

Permission? It’s NT land and so low key operation, i.e. small antennas, away from paths, not operating for hours and hours, consideration of others enjoy the area is fine and within the expectations of the NT.

Thanks Andy, I was following the advice on the summit page.
I’ll wear my camo and leave the tower at home :eyes:

It wasn’t recently, but when I activated it I set up well to the North of the radio mast. There are some trees/bushes near the paths there and I made sure they were between me and the path acting as a screen.

73, Colin G8TMV

Thanks Colin

Whoops. Andy, I must admit to only looking at the first 3 reports on the summit page, none mentioning obtaining permission and one mentioning NT land. It isn’t NT land.

Actually if you read thee whole thread from 2010 the reasons for the actions of the wardens are reasonable. Print the old thread out and take it with you in case you are approached and have failed to get reply from the authorities.

And as I said, low key away from the public is the way to do these places where there are lots of people.

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty contacting Hampshire County Council for permission to operate from Butser Hill located in the Queen Elizabeth Country Park.
If convenient, you can always call in at the Visitor Centre before setting up to let them know what you are doing and confirm that you did request prior approval.
Please let me know how you get on with your activation next week.
I can then contact the manager at the Hampshire County Council to make him aware of the situation in case they want to change their ‘prior approval’ process.
David ,G3RDQ

Thanks David, yes it looks as though I’ll have to take that route. I was hoping to be able to avoid the delay of calling in. I sent the email on Tuesday, so they’ve had plenty of time

Well you’ve followed their procedures and they haven’t told you no. Personally I see no problem here. If this was an issue you’d have got a reply quickly. Even if there was nobody about to approve or refuse your request, they could have acknowledged your request with a “we have passed this on to the XYZ manager and will get back to you”. But you have been studiously ignored it would seem.

This would be the same council that sent me a poll tax demand many years ago. It eventually caught up with me in Scotland. I replied pointing out what my address was and they very kindly reissued it with my correct address! The subtlety having been lost on them I then pointed out that a Scottish resident did not owe Hampshire any poll tax.
I will persist in trying to get permission as no response equates to no permission in my book. They might have been closed for Easter last week

I emailed them before I went over at the end of May. I am still waiting for a reply having been back at home since the bank holiday Monday!!!

Public rights of way, or access land, which apply to getting to most of the summits in the G association, simply give you the right to travel along / through the area. They do not give you permission to stick around for any extended period of time, nor undertake specific activities. All land is owned by some person or organisation - so essentially it could be inferred that permission is required for a SOTA activation from every G SOTA summit.

Common sense tends to prevail. If your activity is short-term and low impact, and most importantly leaves no trace of your being there, then few would have a problem with it - the same for other such activities like photography, kite flying or a family picnic, none of which have explicit permission either.

As Butser Hill has public access, I personally would take the approach of undertaking my activation anyway, but not hanging around too long or using particularly large antennas or masts etc. If asked to cease and pack away, I would comply without argument.

This is my personal opinion and not any official view by the SOTA MT.

Did they send the bailiffs round?

Walt (G3NYY)

Fortunately 3 separate security gates and armed guards kept the bailiffs away (though it never stopped Greenpeace)

We returned in September still with no reply to the email. The coffee kiosk was open so I asked for permission there and duly received it! We just took the 2m/70cms handhelds as It was lashing with rain & blowing a gale and had no problems activating.
Esther GI0AZA

I think I’ll follow your example next time I’m in the area Esther.
Good to work you twice over the holidays, especially for a S2S! Thanks

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Never had any problem operating from Butser Hill, be it at 7am beside the trig point, or in the middle of the day in the picnic area. Nor have I ever had any problem activating from other NT sites - like G/SP-015!

So long as you have the attitude that you will pack away without argument if requested, you’ll be fine. Personally, I would even pack away (or offer to) if a member of the public showed concern. But 2100+ activations later, and no problems yet!

Sorry we didn’t get you 0n 70cms Andy - could hear you but wasnt getting out! good to get it on 2m though! happy new year!

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I activated Butser Hill late on Friday night. I got some extra exercise by climbing up the hill from the main road on the other side from the usual visitor car park - which I suspect would have been closed anyway.

It was after 10pm, and the only beings to consult were cows - but they were more interested in sleeping. None objected anyway.

I imagine that at such a time of day, when there’s neither visitors nor staff around, then there’s no real problem! It was very quiet, tranquil and pleasant!