G/SE-004 Butser Hill asking for insurance

In 2020, I activated Butser Hill (on HF CW) after obtaining permission by exchange of emails with the visitor centre. In 2021, I did the same and they asked me to complete a self-guided booking form. This seemed to be aimed at group visits, but I completed it anyway, explained that I was one person, and they emailed back with permission.

This week, I emailed them again. This time, as well as completing the form, they are asking to see a copy of my insurance. I don’t hold public liability insurance (outside of what comes with my house insurance) and I am not a member of an ARS that might have insurance.

Has anyone else had this request, and how did you handle it? I am loathe to say “I don’t have insurance” and them saying “no-one is allowed to activate without insurance”.

Thanks and 73

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Maybe when they said OK the first time you should have smiled and then stopped poking the sleeping bear with a big pointy stick?


Well, they gave permission last year for a specific date.

Your household insurance may cover you. For example, the Direct Line policy document says:

Liabilities arising from you occupying your
home and your personal liabilities as a private
individual in and away from your home.


Thanks, Richard. I’d assumed that household insurance would only cover me on my property, but I will check the wording in case it is similar to your Direct Line policy.

Tricky! Has this been asked in addition to completing the form? I activated Butser Hill last year and completed the same form in advance. When it came to the “do you have insurance” question I replied in the negative and crossed my fingers! It wasn’t picked up on and permission was granted. As you say, the form is written with group visits in mind. I presume you are planning to do more than just operate with a handheld, in which case I’m sure you could put up a good argument that you would pose no greater risk than anyone using their mobile phone whilst on the hill! Good luck!

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Access here has been discussed in the past, searching the reflector is useful. Looking at the large mast on the summit, I would follow Colin’s suggestion and operate from off the path and near there where my small antenna would not stand out.

You could take you amateur licence with you and if questioned say you are “authorised to operate radio equipment by Ofcom who are acting under the authority of the Secretary of State” and ask them if their powers trump the Secretary of State? :wink:


Surely you have private liability insurance … and if not, aren’t you insured through the radio club?

So the question about the insurance would be answered with yes. :wink:

73 Armin

Their email today asked for sight of the insurance policy in addition to completing the form.

The form they’ve sent me (and the one last year) does not ask about insurance. It does ask if I plan to use the tea roomn :-).

Hi Armin, I’ve checked my house insurance and the public liability part is restricted to liability arising from my property only. It’s not as generous as the one that Richard posted above.

I’m not a member of a local radio club, but I’m checking with the RSGB (of which I am a member) to see if their club insurance covers members of affiliated groups like RSGB Contest Club and BATC.

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Ah! How annoying…

I think the RSGB insurance only covers club events.

I have not read everything now… but i think there is insurance through the radioclub


members are covered… I would also have been surprised if not … I think that is the case everywhere…this is also for me an important reason to be in the radioclub DARC

73 Armin

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I think this means that, during a club event, it is not just the club that is insured but the members as well. So it still only applies during a club event.

ok - for these fine differences my english is not sufficient…

…maybe the german insurance philosophy is a different one… too bad for you!

but i would ask the club…

73 Armin

I think it is probably just that DARC pays for a policy to insure individual members and the RSGB doesn’t. I see that membership of DARC is 8.75 Euros = £7.28 a month. RSGB is £4.33 per month.

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Hi Ray @M0DHP,

I would recommend reviewing the EURAO insurance offer, here:

It’s not too much to join EURAO (I think €15 initially, then €10 per year).

You get a laminated ID/membership card, which could be useful if you need to identify yourself, show you are insured etc etc.

73, Simon.

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EURAO? To me, they seem to exist to snipe at the IARU.

Not sure about that Andy @MM0FMF, I haven’t seen anything negative since joining. To be fair, I’m not really into the club scene and joining lots of Zoom calls (I do that all day at work), so wouldn’t perhaps notice it?
I primarily joined EURAO for the insurance cover, as RSGB and ARRL don’t appear to offer it for free as an individual member perk.

Seems this has already been discussed here before: Public Liability Insurance - #27 by G3CWI
So being in G-QRP doesn’t give me RSGB affiliated insurance for my SOTA activations either.

How likely am I to need cover? Who knows, but having needed travel insurance to fix a smashed leg in Madeira, I’m perhaps a little more wary than I used to be ha ha! :wink:

Very interesting, not seen mention of EURAO, and it would appear even with Brexit we are still eligible for membership in the UK.

Will of course need a careful scan of the fine print.