G/SE-003 on 2010-10-20

A free afternoon allowed a very short-notice trip to Black Down Hill (G/SE-003)

It’s a nice easy walk up from the car park, as has been reported before. And taking the advice of others, I didn’t even bother with my VHF setup, and just erected my MP-1

Conditions, whilst sunny, were cold with temperatures hovering around the 3-4C mark :frowning:

Just over an hour on-air logged the following, all on 20m:

HA7UG in Hungary
OE6WIG in Austria
S56LNX and S57AX in Slovenia
F2FZ in France
EA8CER in the Canary Islands

SM6PIS and SM6FQL in Sweden
IZ5MOF in Italy

A few new DXCCs for me in amongst this (Sweden, Hungary and the Canaries) as a bonus.

And it made a pleasant change to be giving out chaser points… prior to today, I’d only handed out a few, so to have 6 of 9 being chasers made it worthwhile all round, I feel.

Many thanks to Laci (HA7UG) for the spot, and apologies to HB9MKV who tried several times to get me, but I don’t think was hearing me. Next time!

Thanks all
Andrew M6ADB