G/se-001 in wonderful summer weather

Well, the Wx forecast on the car radio on the way to G/SE-001 said ‘quiet’ The ‘Drivetime YL’ on R5live said “that’ll be rain falling on grass then…”

How right she was!
Walking from the small car park to the west of the hill it started to drizzle. And it never stopped until I finished, I’m surprised the pen kept writing on the sodden paper log (I did have a ‘waterproof’ one in the bag, but for goodness sake, it’s ‘summer’ and I wasn’t going to use it!)
Seeing as the Trig is apparently on Private Land, I decided to lash the pole to the locked gate at the side of the dirt track, unfortunately, that meant that the ends of the link dipole were in amongst the weeds…

The clear sky to the west lulled me into thinking the drizzle would clear up… it didn’t :frowning:

Unlike my last forays into G/SE, 20m seemed to be a lot better, quickly rattling off 5 QSOs. 10m gave me another 2 (meaning I’m no longer last in the G challenge ;)) (At least for today…)
6m was dead as a dodo, and 40m provided me with another 4 QSOs until an mm3 with quite the loudest signal all night took over my frequency :frowning:
2M gave me another one… I took a listen at 60m, and decided that someone was still using the S9 Dyson Vacuum and it would be pretty pointless trying to raise anyone against the background noise.
By now, the horse flies (Damn them all!!) were starting to take a liking to me, and not wishing to get bitten again, I decided to pack it all in.

Once back to the car of course, the drizzle stopped, the setting sun appeared, and produced a full double rainbow right across the hill behind me!
Of course, I didn’t have the decent camera, but I managed a half decent one, using my sunglasses as an impromptu ‘filter’, Just a shame I couldn’t get it all in!

Apologies about the sunglasses rim in the pic :smile:

There were 3 other people who called in, but I didn’t seem to be able to complete the QSOs, so apologies to them, and thanks for everyone else who called in!