Just added Nine Barrows to my list of ‘Mule awards’. 45 mins calling on 2m & 70cm - 0 contacts :disappointed: I struggled to get 4 last year from Swyre Head, so you’d think I’d have learned and taken HF. I was unsure if I’d have room for a dipole at the top, but needn’t have worried.
It’s a fascinating comparison between VHF activity in different parts of the country though - I was looking over the conurbations of Swanage, Poole, Bournemouth etc and only heard 2 people on a repeater. On Monday I was almost blown away by the wind and swift responses on 2m FM whilst on Kinder Scout. Thank you!

Self spotting with a smartphone or the MM0FMF texting service may have helped you, but possibly not down south. Maybe you tried it… Higher power on 2m FM also helps of course if you have the resources. I tend to use 40-50 watts to a dipole at 5m AGL these days as I don’t like to stay too long on the summit.

As you found on Kinder Scout, 2m FM is quite effective up north. (I think Kinder just about counts as north but our Scottish Cousins may disagree). The Polish stations find 2m FM very effective too in many areas if you look at the guys logs from there.

I found the farmer / landowner on 9 Barrow Down most friendly when I was there about a year ago - he gave me a ride on his ATV back to the right of way and invited me to the farm for a brew next time I am there. Nine Barrow Down and others

73 Phil

Thanks Phil I did self spot (3G coverage at the top). I tried using the SMS service but must have copied the number down wrongly, so need to check that. I also called through the local repeater.
Power and higher gain antennas would certainly help, but add weight.
I read your report (always try and do my research before going). The farmer was busy spreading Some Hazardous Infernal Treacle in the summit field (I was sat on the upturned trig point about 8m below) so I didn’t approach him :blush:

I had a look in the logs Andy and there’s nothing from you been received. Probably worth checking the number again.

Activity on 2m has dropped off over the years down in that area. We usually take the tent down there or enjoy a short stay in a B+B and I generally take kit with me and operate even if I am not activating any summits during my stay. Last year was a complete waste of time as I made no contacts whatsoever during a week’s stay near Wareham. Back in the 1990’s all I needed was the FT-290R and its whip to make contacts.

Over the past few days I have been activating a few summits up near Sheffield (HuMPs) and found a good level of activity on FM to supplement the regulars on SSB. Contacts were made at some distance despite being limited to a dipole at less than 2m above ground on account of the strong winds. If the people are there, then you can work them. If they are not…

Having an HF link dipole with you is always advisable. Even if there is insufficient space for it in inverted vee configuration, you can usually rig it as a vertical with one leg acting as a counterpoise.

73, Gerald G4OIG

As I have remarked before, anywhere south of Birmingham there is negligible activity on 2m FM - and zero on 70 cm.
People who are active in or near IO83 square can’t believe it!


Yeah Walt, and I’ll bet the frequecy police will ask you to QSY, should you happen to have a quick QSO on 433.500 :wink:

73 Mike

Thanks Andy. The message failed to go so I knew the problem was my end. Complete number now saved, so I’ll try again next time.
Other than that (and the friendly North :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) HF rules. Sits back and waits for the 2m fans to object!

True, I live and learn!

Well sometimes 2m is all that will work, sometimes HF. I managed to qualify all of the English and Welsh summits (bar the 2 GW summits I haven’t yet done) on 2m or a higher frequency, but that was when there was a strong band of chasers on SSB. Now there are only a few left.

73, Gerald G4OIG