G/SC-010 today, wrong reference sent on 24mhz

I was active on G/SC-010 today.
First on 10mhz .
I self spotted for 10.122 as 10.118 was occupied by HA3HK/P.
Thanks Zoli for the S2S contact.
So far so good.
I qsy’d to 24mhz and in my haste to get going I incorrectly sent a self spot for G/SE-001 which is the summit I visit most often and always have spots ready in my phone.At the time I did not realise what I had done so carried on regardless.
Very sorry for any confusion I caused.
Many thanks to all callers particularly those in N America who managed to copy my 5watts QRP and take the time to give me a call:- VE1WT,W4EX,KC3RT,KK1W and W4TZM.
73’s David G3RDQ

Thanks David for the correction. Hope to hear you soon on the next summit. Merry Christmas, Gene KC3RT