G/SC-008 new rig test

7th May, 2024.
G/SC-008(1 point) Win Green
Sergey, M0MSV/P

Activation of Win Green G/SC-008 summit was one of the easiest and most enjoyable
as well as weather in early May was just pirfect.
The summit located in about 200 meters from car park, and a 12 min drive from the Shaftesbury.

A tiny forest spot of few old trees allowed me it possible to hook up to one branch with my EFHW antenna for 40, 20, 15 m

In less then an hour, on 20 and 40 m bands, I maked about 40 QSO,
using my 3-in-1 Ham box FT817+PA+Tracer battery 10aH
Propagation on this day really upset me,
but 50-60W of output power and altitude helps to solve this issue.

The biggest problem on summit coud be caused by happy running dogs
if they hit your antenna cable or guy wire. Dog owners usually step it over :slight_smile:
But overall G/SC-008 ideal Summit for activation

Shaftesbury is a market town with an interesting history going back to the Saxon times.
As well as it is the home of Gold Hill (made famous by the “Hovis” advert). Gold Hill is a steep cobbled street lined with lovely cottages. The view looking down from the top of the street over the magnificent Blackmore Vale countryside has been described as “one of the most romantic sights in England”