G/SC-004 Staple Hill - 16th Oct 2020 - G0KPE/P

G/SC-004 Staple Hill, south of Taunton in Somerset, is a relatively easy activation. It is a flat walk to the summit triangulation point (trig point) from the convenient car park at 50.9384°, -3.0734°. Walking time about 15 minutes.
My activation today saw the woods in full autumn colour. The ground approaching the trig point was muddy and boggy in places from recent rainfall and I was glad of the stout boots that I was wearing. Around the trig point itself the ground was firm and dry.
I needed my phone’s GPS and Ordnance Survey maps app to find the trig point. It is quite hidden by trees and ferns - well off the beaten track, which of course has the advantage that you are unlikely to be disturbed by casual walkers.

Staple Hill’s SOTA activation zone probably has more open spots, but I wanted to activate from the trig point. I found that I had just enough space for my linked dipole 40/30/20m antenna, held up on my 6metre telescopic pole, with the antenna ends supported on convenient tree branches.

The top of trig point made for a useful operating point.

I only operated on 40metres for this activation. Very many thanks to those who called and worked me.

72 & 73 de G0KPE