Apologies if anyone was hoping to pick me up yesterday on HF. All was going to plan until we got to a sign saying road closed. :disappointed: This added about 4 miles to my walk in, which resulted in:
a) Being about an hour late on the summit.
b) Being slightly grumpy when I passed several cars which had ignored the signs and parked in my planned spot.
c) Being even more grumpy on the way back; and
d) Being quite tired when I got back to the car.

Because of the time and the strong winds at the top, I’m afraid I opted to stick on 2m. Many thanks to those who came back to me so quickly. I’ll have to christen my new HF rig next time.

PS the road works have finished now

How annoying for you! Anyway, you have to look after yourself out on the hill - that always comes first.

Thanks Gerald - very true. It was still a lovely day for a walk and great views.

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