G/NP018 activation PSK chasers callsigns needed

Had a bit of a mishap with software recording callsigns for PSK from the summit of Nine Rigs Standard G/NP-018 on the 26th June 2014. There was only 4 QSOs for that mode and I need your callsigns before I submit the log sorry for the inconvenience.
I have all the other modes and bands recorded.


In reply to M0OAT:

Hi Graeme,

I’ve used both fldigi and droidpsk for activations, as well as a digital logger sometimes during contests… guess what?..

I don’t trust any of them and the calls still get recorded using pencil and paper.

Rob G7LAS (20 years as a software engineer)

Same here. I do indeed ‘submit’ each QSO to the logger within DroidPSK, but the waterproof pad/paper log is completed as per other modes, and remains the “master” log.


In reply to M1EYP:

I was trying the NUE PSK modem for the first time on the summit and it has a USB memory card slot but for some reason it was playing up and wouldn’t load the config file or save the logs to the memory card as I have found out.
Took a chance on it and I won’t be making that mistake again, big fan of the waterproof notebook myself just lucky/ glad the past few activations have been dry for once.

Thanks for the tips