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G/NP-026 - Today 02-03-19

Nice walk and activation today. Started at Keld and had a very nice walk up to the summit, where it was tolerably sheltered and even the sun came out. Had my helper (Emily) walking with me. Bit of an antenna problem at the summit as no one could hear me on 60 one of the connections snapped on the dipole, but after a bit of fiddling with a multi tool, and some muttering about how good at sticking the liquid insulating tape was managed to bodge a connection and get good reports on 80

. Went round the circuit to take in Muker before returning to the car.
Really nice idea with the DIY winter tearoom in Keld - Tea, Biscuits and Coffee - Make your own ( Kettle provided) and leave a donation!

Thanks to all the chasers who waited while the antenna was fixed!
73 Paul & Emily


Hi Paul,
Thanks for your brief but informative report. Never done that one so any photo is new info to me. Like both the family aspect and civilised nature of this activation with the tea room at the end. Bet they serve scones too - hope so anyway.

I too have had to fix my dipole on summits several times over the years. More often than not it’s next to a link but twice I have moved rocks and they’ve fallen on the wire cutting it cleanly. Once it was the coax, the screen of which had gone black, rotted and parted inside the outer sheath. This was caused not by SOTA but the seawater of WAB OV00 - a real hazard which with any luck, I hope to be risking again this year.
73, John

Thanks - Yes this is a nice family walk that includes a summit, rather than a summit that the family can be dragged up with bribes, depending on the age of the family choose from tea room or pub… My son ( D of E expedition ) stayed at the campsite nearby at Muker and was very impressed.