G/NP-009 Buckden Pike 11 Feb 16

I left Scarborough at 0640 and and arrived at the car park in Buckden at around 0920. My car was the first one in the car park and after a quick cup of coffee, I set off at around 0940. The path was pretty good for most of the way with the potentially boggy parts frozen. However, the steps were quite treacherous with icy patches and this part of the walk slowed me down somewhat. I was at the summit at around 1110. I started the 2m activation with the VX-7R 5W to a MFD and worked Bob G8YBO in Darlington, John G4FUO in York, Phil G4OBK in Pickering, Walt G6XBF in Leeds, Roy 2E0BJK in Middlesbrough, Ray G6HMN in Winewall nr Colne and Geoff G4WHA/M in Penrith. I then switched to the FT-1900 25W then 80W and worked John G0TDM in Penrith, Mick M0MDA in Leeds and Pete M0HQO in Pickering. As it was very cold after a couple of CQ calls with no reply, I went QRT at 1150. While at the summit the mist cleared and I was joined briefly by a middle aged couple. The walk down was again tricky on the frozen steps but passed without incident. A very pleasant drive back to Scarborough arriving home at around 1600. Thanks very much to all the chasers.

The operating postion Buckden Pike summit

Buckden Pike summit furniture

Buckden Pike snow line

The Bridleway heading back towards Buckden


Thanks for the report Nick.

I’ve had days like that on Buckden, I was looking lucky when I went though, it was a gorgeous crisp day.

I particularly liked the cattle near the car park that looked like Highland cross Belted Galloway :smiley:

73, Colin

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Hi Colin

Great pics on a great summit I didn’t go down to the memorial this time - too cold!


Hi Nick,

I had the radio on in the morning attached to the Slim Jim but you were on while I was out walking the dog. Well done on another good activation and the cold looking photos! Still nursing the cold and full of envy.

73, John.

Hi John

Sorry I missed you and I hope the cold soon goes so you can get out on another monster round!


hi Nick

Thanks for the QSO yesterday.

The switch over to the FT-1900 sure made a difference as I couldn’t hear you when you were running 5w from the VX-7.

73 Mick M0MDA