G/np-003 7/6/09

Short video now on line for yesterdays activation of Burnhope Seat.
I tried to record as many chasers as possible, however the data card on the camera was full - also the camera falls over for a while.

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Hi Steve,

Always nice and thanks for the video.
Also nice to hear my own voice via your /P station.
I inform my good friend Ed - ON4EDM via our local club QRG 145.475 MHz that you were QRV. Ed lives ± 5 km away from my QTH in the same village Westerlo.
Until next SOTA-time and CU soon again !

Best 73.


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What software do you use to edit and title the video Steve? My digital camera happily records video and audio at various qualities and knocks out AVI files. But I’ve never played with video on a PC before. So advice and tips would be appreciated and I’ll try to capture some video of my activations for upload.


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I use Windows Movie Maker Andy. It`s really quite simple. My current version (with Vista) has more features than its XP predecessor. The only advice & tips I can offer is to play with it & see what you can come up with. After editing the video you must save it as an mpeg or whatever, the program calls this “publishing movie”. On my version there is a button on the tool bar for this and also one in the drop down list under “file”. If you use the one on the toolbar (on my version at least) you will loose all your work. The option in the drop down list works ok. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Steve. I’ll dig out a copy and have a play.


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Thanks for the very nice film Steve.
It´s always very impressive to listen to your SSB-pile-ups.
Unfortunately I was out working and unable to qso you.
Vy73 and cu in F´hafen.

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Hello Steve
Nice vidéo, and congratulation for all contacts in short time!

I was not in fréquency this time, hope for your next activation
bests regars

73’s qro