G/LD Next Week

I’ll be camping in Braithwaite from tomorrow to Friday and hopefully will get a few SOTAs in. Hopefully Lord’s Seat LD-033, Grisedale Pike LD-015 and maybe Grasmoor or Skidaw of the WX is good. I’m walking with non-radio amateurs so I’m not sure how patient they’ll be with me getting tangled in my 80m dipole etc! Activations will probably be of the smash and grab variety, just the 817 and a 2m vertical etc. I’m also thinking of doing Swinside if I get chance. I know it’s only been activated 5 times. Any thoughts on the access situation?

On Friday I’ll be meeting up with the Cambrigde University Wireless Society SOTA trip. We’re staying near Shap, so we’ll probably be concentrating on the eastern LD fells. There might be as many as 7 of us on the summit needing to qualify, so please stick around to work multiple operators! Not sure exactly what summits or bands yet, but be should be on 80/40 and maybe 2m as well if we take two stations.

Tom M0TOC (formerly 2E0WNT)

P.S. Is the SMS spot system open to the public yet?

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Tom, I walked and drove all around Swinside last year, there is no access and regular keep out signs, so the only ethical way is to approach the land owners.


Brian G8ADD

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I’m working on it as I type… email me at mm0fmf AT hotmail.com