G/LD and GM/SS week

Firstly thanks to all the chasers, many of which I worked from several of these summits.

4DEC16 G/LD-031 Blake Fell 60M SSB, 40M SSB and 2M FM. S2S with G/LD-006 and GM/SS-017

5DEC16 GM/SS-123 Green Hill 60M SSB, 40M SSB and 2M FM My most “popular” hill of the week, couldn’t beat the chasers off with a stick :slight_smile:

6DEC16 GM/SS-034 Ben Each 60M SSB, 40M SSB and 2M FM. A miserable weather day, but some great radio.

8DEC16 GM/SS-133 Minch Moor 60M SSB, 40M SSB and 2M FM. Forgot my log, stuck typing into my phone until Sue suggested I wrote on the inside cover of my chocolate bar… necessity the mother of invention. S2S with G/WB-004 and GW/MW-035.

8DEC16 GM/SS-140 Turner Cleugh Law 40M SSB. Second hill of the day and I just made the summit as it went dark. My first “after dark” HF operation. Not used to it and it showed. I was a bit rubbish finding an appropriate band. All my contacts were “long”, closest in DK.

9DEC16 G/LD-036 Mell Break 2M FM. Very poor WX and so I resorted to 2M FM only. Had some sort of RX problem and ended up using two rigs, one to TX and one to RX, holding the antenna and trying to write in my log. Particular thanks to Liz M6EPW for notifying me by Spot that I was being heard, but I wasn’t hearing anyone. Also Derek 2E0MIX for helping me to get a couple of more chasers, but, critically, not “helping” with the QSOs so they counted. This was awfully hard work and the help I had from the chasers shows what a lovely community of people there are in SOTA. Thanks.

10DEC16 G/LD-008 Blencathra 60M SSB, 40M SSB and 2M FM. I started on 40M to try to work some S2S opportunities, but couldn’t find them. Then I couldn’t hold a frequency for more than a couple of minutes before being flattened by a continental contest station. In the end I gave up and sought sanctuary on 60M. Sorry to the Foundation and Intermediate licence holders who then couldn’t work me. The activation and the week was rounded off nicely with a S2S with Mike G7HEM/P on G/LD-013.

Finally, thanks to my “Welsh Wizard” fellow activator and chaser Allan GW4VPX who helped out with spots and other stuff by text. Cheers


Hi Gerald,

Unfortunately I just missed you on Blake Fell, but managed to get that long awaited Complete with Green Hill which was very much appreciated - many thanks! It is good to see HF being used on the Lakes summits, since it is outside the range of 2m FM from my QTH, even with a beam at this end. Unfortunately during those activations that have taken place on HF recently, either there has been no propagation or I have been otherwise occupied. C’est la vie!.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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