G/LD-057, Swinside

Hi all
I am in the Lake District on Sunday and Monday. I have been trying unsuccessfully to gain permission to operate on Swinside. Can anyone help me with contact info as numbers I have tried don’t seem to work. Michael Anderton seems to be the estate manager but 017687 72862 is not connected.
Thanks Mike G0HIO

Please see my PMs.

Thanks Rod.

Ok, permission granted for Monday. I will update here my plans before sunday.

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Pleased to see that access is not an issue. I really enjoyed this summit - I look at the view from it almost every day as it is on my work computer desktop.

Swinside was the preamble for Blencathra which had a copious covering of the white stuff. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG


Monday (15/8)

G/LD-057 Swinside around 07:30 (08:30 bst)

On Swinside will try 7.032cw, 10.118-cw, 14.059-cw and 145.500-FM
Will spot if possible.
Mike G0HIO

GD All,
Looking to activate Swinside this weekend not to sure which day, could anyone help with a phone number for the estate manager to gain permission for access.


Try (michael-anderton@sky.com)

it’s along time since I’ve seen Mike he may have change his e-mail add but you can try the one above.

Terry de G0VWP 73

That’s the email I used last year, so hopefully its still good.
Mike G0HIO