G/LD-053 Claife Heights

G/LD-053 Claife Heights.
First challenge was the car park was inaccessible due to huge fallen trees #StormArwen
So a very slightly longer walk.
Then a snowy path.
Finally over 40 mins spent outflanking the huge number of fallen trees on the summit. Bashed knees etc.

Now to the point of this post…
The public rights of way on the E and NE of the summit are likely to be closed for some time. I was able to get down with only a small bit of bushwhacking to the NW and then an anticlockwise route back to my initial route in.

Didn’t see a living soul once I left the shores of Windermere, not often you can say that on a Sunday in that area!
Hardest I’ve worked for 1pt on a sub 300m hill for a very long while!
Boats blown off their moorings on Windermere. Massive trees down

Trees down. These root balls are over 5m high.


I tried going down due south, but had to retreat due to more fallen timber.

Finally made it onto a good track on the NW side.

Sun! MW0WML very pleased to see the sun and a decent path.

A calm Windermere


Details of the summit track. Suggest taking my descent route (NW to track then anticlockwise) and avoid the E and NE sides.


Hello Gerald. Thanks for sharing your activation report with great photos. Well done. :+1:

Cheers to you :beers:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks for the report and photos Gerald. An interesting day for you…such a nice place in the summer although not much of a view from the trig. You were in the noise with me so an extra few watts would have done the trick or more elements my end😁. I could hear Sue OHH going back to you along with a few others. Hope you both slept well😁. 73 Allan

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There’s probably a good view south now… #StormArwen

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