G/LD-052 - Hutton Roof Crags

WIth a trip up to the North Lakes with the XYL for a couple of nights staying at the North Lakes Hotel it seemed a good idea to activate a summit on the way up.

The summit being G/LD-052 - Hutton Roof Crags.
Parked at the Plain Quarry car park and then followed the route to the summit.
From the car park to the first stile take I went passed these watchful animals

After the first stile follow the path to the next one

I then followed the well used path to a fork and took the lower path and this takes you up towards the summit.(there are rocks but also a well used path)

I decided to operate 2m only today, also testing time for my new guying setup.

Once setup and spotted I started calling CQ several times but no joy. I spotted on the radio the SWR was a little high.

I decided to swap the coax feeding the ladder line vertical back to the RG58.

After swapping the coax the SWR went away. Calling CQ again and this time I could hear stations coming back to me.
Let the pile up begin!
16 contacts made in less than 20mins.
Cheers chasers.

Tomorrow and if the weather is good, I hope to activate
Little Mell Fell
Great Mell Fell
Hallin Fell.



That is a 2m only summit for almost everyone, as it was for me. :slight_smile: It was the summit which changed my mind about 2m because I had had so little success with it up until this point where I live.

Subsequently, I’ve used 2m with success down here in Devon and Cornwall having learned the need to advertise the activation in advance!


If 2m didn’t play ball I was planning HF.

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If 2m didn’t work from LD-052 then you need to pick another hobby :rofl:


I assume you meant ‘easy to qualify only with 2m’, which is very true. It’s the second nearest summit to me (17 minutes drive) and it’s a fine HF location, plenty of room for HF antennas like my 80m inverted v.

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