This summit appears on the Database and SOTAwatch (and of course the ARM) as “Holm Fell”. However, in other internet resources the spelling is “Holme Fell”. The OS maps have it as ‘Holme Fell’, as does the sporcle.com Marilyns quiz. But the RHB book has it as ‘Holm Fell’, and hence so do we.

Does anyone know anything about this? Perhaps it is a can of worms that has rumbled in Cumbria for many years, or perhaps Alan Dawson just made a mistake!


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I suspect that “Holme” is correct as to the northwest of the summit there is a farm called “Holme Ground”. The spelling is “Holme” on my earliest surviving map, dated 1966.


Brian G8ADD

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In case you have not looked there, the Wikipedia info about Holme Fell includes a paragraph “Holme or Holm?”.
73 de Mike, EI2CL

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It’s shown as Holme Fell on the OS NPE 1955 issue map.