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G/LD-050 Gummers How


Just for interest…those that have climbed Gummers How from the carpark about 1/2 way up in 15 or 20 min may like to witness the ‘Gummers How fell race’ this Saturday at 17.30.
These guys start from the Lakeside Hotel , row a boat across the lake , climb to the top and return to the hotel by the same route in less than 26 min.

Anybody fancy a go!!!


In reply to G6LKB:

I hate to say it but even INKy may find that one a challenge.

Are you for it Steve, there is a keg in it for you on me if you come 1st?


In reply to M0LKB:

I’ll buy Inky the brewery if he comes first!!

It’s quite a long run from F/hafen, hi.

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to M0LKB:

In reply to G6LKB:

Are you for it Steve, there is a keg in it for you on me if you come

Andrew, as a member of CAMRA, I`d be tarred & feathered plus whatever else they can dream up if I was caught drinking KEG beer. For the record - I only drink CASK beer. ;-))

As for fell racing, I did try it in my foolish youth - reasonably fast going up then everyone used to overtake me going down. Nowadays I take my time wherever I`m going. I even drive a diesel car ;-))

73 Steve G1INK.


In reply to G1INK:

oops sorry steve, maybe I should of been clear, I was offering Babycham, you may of course substitute it for diesel, to the same value though. Don’t think it would taste as nice to drink though.