G/LD-050 for the SOTA EU VK JA ZL event

Having been decorating till midnight after work during the week I had to really get motivated to get up at 5AM local time. I was setup on summit around 6:20AM local time. G/LD-050 Gummer’s How is a 30 minute ascent with 360 degree views at the South end of Lake Windermere in the Lake District. Snow still just about clings to the highest summits in the Lakes.

Looking East at the rising Sun from Gummer’s How

Conditions were pretty good at just above freezing initially on summit but once I’d found a natural wind break to hide behind the slightly biting Easterly wind was tamed and I wasn’t ever in danger of getting too cold.

Checking SOTA Spotter I could see that @VK1MIC was already on 40m but at that time there was no propagation. I managed a S2S with Mike @2E0YYY on 40m and by jumping back to his frequency I was able to keep up-to-date with the state of the band based on who he was able to work!

SOTABeams Quadbander on 10m compact travel mast

Equipment was an FT-857 50-100w and a Sotabeam QuadBand dipole at 7m on a 10m compact travel mast. Two 4.2AH LifePos provided power, with 2m contacts using FT1XD and the excellent Diamond RH-7700.

Equipment - FT-857 with 2 x 4200 maH LifePo4s for power

Without fail recently I’ve managed to leave something behind - this time it was the logbook! I’m not confident logging on my phone so I had to utilize one of the 4200 maH LifePo4 battery boxes, hopefully I’ve copied everything into the computer log correctly!

Impromptu log book!

I clipped for 20m but it was totally flat, no stations heard end-to-end. It was so flat I started questioning whether I’d clipped the antenna right and connected it. Moving to 40m proved more fruitful - initially I was pulling in a high-percentage of Russian stations but slowly over the next 45 minutes the band came much more alive with European stations and then DX.

The pace of S2S’s into Europe was fairly steady with a mix of me hunting activators and also being chased on my spot frequencies. Conditions improved after about an hour and VK1’s could now be heard and with not too much difficulty I managed my two VK1 S2S’s with @VK1AD and @VK1MIC. Unfortunately I missed the Russian activators which was a shame! S2S’s continued for the best part of 3 hours, with me also occasionally also being contacted by Chasers or talking to fixed stations.

After 40m was finally exhausted I clipped in 80m’s and worked quite a pile-up of Inter-G stations who were also interested in my Worked All Britain Square and the occasional request for a Trig Point number.

@M0OAT Graeme had slept overnight on Stony Cove Pike - he called me groundwave on 40m for our first of two S2S contacts - the second after he walked to Red Screes on 2m FM. There was also David G6ENN/P out with his wife doing a few Wainwright’s on the Air activations.

Gummer’s How Trig Point/Benchmark

Red-eye in the morning - too blinking early!

Totals were 21 S2S contacts including 2 VK S2S with @VK1AD and @VK1MIC. A total of 74 contacts for the 5 hours I was on-summit, all voice, SSB on 20m, 40m and 80m and 2m FM.

WX was much nicer this S2S event and after a chilly start it turned out to be a lovely day, with only a light chilly Easterly wind.

Obviously great to get the VK S2S contacts, made up about that, but I get a real thrill with EU S2S as well and it was nice to talk to everyone in our ‘club’. Makes me feel part of a very special group of people.

New Calves!

Looking back at the summit from the road

Please let me know if you spot any logging inconsistencies - given the state of the log book errors are almost inevitable!

Thanks to the organizers , I had a very enjoyable morning!

Time Call Band Mode Notes
05:26z 2E0YYY/P 7MHz SSB
05:32z SP2SV/P 7MHz SSB
05:35z IW3AGO/P 7MHz SSB 5 degC Cloudy Light Rain
05:39z M0OAT/P 7MHz SSB
05:49z SP7Q 7MHz SSB
05:56z DD5LP/P 7MHz SSB
06:23z AM75N 7MHz SSB
06:36z VK1AD/P 7MHz SSB
06:42z OE5JFE/P 7MHz SSB Jo
06:50z VK1MIC/P 7MHz SSB
06:55z 2E0WDX 7MHz SSB
06:56z EA2DT 7MHz SSB
06:56z I50FFF 7MHz SSB
06:57z HB9EVS 7MHz SSB
06:58z S57ILF 7MHz SSB
07:02z IN3ENN/P 7MHz SSB
07:04z IK6KYL/P 7MHz SSB wwff ff-1752??
07:06z DD2VO 7MHz SSB Rene Cologne
07:11z OK2PDT 7MHz SSB
07:12z OE5YYN/P 7MHz SSB
07:13z HB9BIN/P 7MHz SSB
07:13z OE5AUL/P 7MHz SSB
07:15z DL1CR/P 7MHz SSB
07:16z OE7PHI 7MHz SSB
07:17z UR5MQX 7MHz SSB Alex
07:18z G0VWP 7MHz SSB
07:19z DK8IJ 7MHz SSB Norbert
07:56z G6PJZ/P 14MHz SSB
08:11z 4Z4DX 14MHz SSB
08:12z SV2HSY 14MHz SSB
08:13z EU1FY 14MHz SSB
08:14z SV2QXS 14MHz SSB
08:15z SQ4DX 14MHz SSB
08:17z YO6PIB/P 14MHz SSB
08:25z IK2LEY 7MHz SSB
08:31z HB9ELZ/P 7MHz SSB
08:38z LZ1WF/P 14MHz SSB
08:48z CT7ALM/P 7MHz SSB
08:56z SP1MNG/P 7MHz SSB Chris wwff ff-851?
09:07z G7LMF 3.5MHz SSB Graham WAB: SJ61
09:09z GW4VPX 3.5MHz SSB
09:11z MM3PDN/M 3.5MHz SSB
09:12z G0FEX 3.5MHz SSB
09:13z G0OFD 3.5MHz SSB
09:15z ON7DQ 3.5MHz SSB
09:16z G0RQL 3.5MHz SSB
09:17z G3YZY 3.5MHz SSB Howard Portsmouth
09:17z G4OBB 3.5MHz SSB Des
09:18z G4SQA 3.5MHz SSB
09:19z EI7HDB 3.5MHz SSB Dale
09:19z M0BKV 3.5MHz SSB
09:20z GM4WHA 3.5MHz SSB
09:21z GM0EKM 3.5MHz SSB Shetland
09:22z G6GGP/P 3.5MHz SSB
09:23z G4HDS 3.5MHz SSB Paul WAB: NY89
09:24z MW6IVT 3.5MHz SSB
09:25z 2E0FEH 3.5MHz SSB
09:27z MI7JMN/M 3.5MHz SSB
09:31z G3XKT 3.5MHz SSB WAB: SK43
09:31z MW0EAV/P 3.5MHz SSB
09:34z G3YPE 3.5MHz SSB Mike Holme Firth
09:35z GB4WAB 3.5MHz SSB G0GWY Geoff
09:38z G7WAB 3.5MHz SSB
09:41z G7CDA 144MHz FM
09:50z G6ENN/P 144MHz FM David Gray Crag LDW-090
09:58z M0OAT/P 144MHz FM Red Screes
10:14z DL/HA7UL/P 7MHz SSB
10:25z M1CJE/P 7MHz SSB
10:35z 2E0BLL 7MHz SSB Mike
10:44z G1OHH 7MHz SSB
10:54z M6XBN 7MHz SSB
10:57z 2E0EKS 7MHz SSB Dave Blackpool
11:05z G6ENN/P 7MHz SSB WOTA: LDW-043 Thornthwaite Crag
11:30z 2W0IXM/P 144MHz FM

Cheers, Mark.


And yes Sylvia @OE5YYN I was quite jealous when you told me you were slipping into a sleeping bag! :grinning: