G/LD-045 TODAY on Coast to Coast

Thank you to the 4 stations who made my day on 2m FM this afternoon when I was on Dent:
G1OHH Sue Lancaster (Thanks to Sue for spot and Roy G4SSH for the alert)
2E0XSD Colin Frizington
2E0MIX/P Derek Blake Fell S2S
G1KLZ Doug Ingleton

Activation was just qualified on 2m FM, I knew it would be touch and go with basic gear.

14.4 miles walked today with 3138 ft of ascent.

73s and see you on some Wainwrights on Friday and on St Sunday Crag and Birks for WOTA on Saturday.


In reply to G4OBK:

Good luck with the walk, Phil. I’m envious. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that the WX holds. Are you walking alone?

73, Richard

In reply to G4OBK:
Thanks for the Contact from Dent and glad you made your 4 contacts in quick time, I know Derek struggled to get 4 on Blake Fell, it must have taken him a couple of hours.
Hope to catch you on some of the Wainwrights Friday, there are a few summits in that direction I haven’t worked before (probably because they are sheilded by bigger stuff unfortunately) and again Saturday but again I may struggle to pick you up out that way also.

Anyway, enjoy the walk and I hope the Wx is kind to you.


Excellent Phil. Like Richard, I am very envious. The Pennine Way was three of the happiest, enjoyable and rewarding weeks of my life.

I occasionally look at the C2C as a possible future project, and wonder about the summits I can activate. Certainly in the first half of the walk, it is a matter of deciding on policy, whether to stick to the route or branch off to get the summits.

I wonder what if any of LD-003, LD-022, LD-007 and LD-013 you will activate between Grasmere and Patterdale? IIRC, the “official” route passes over none of them, more winds its way between them. It would be difficult to bag all of them if walking between booked accommodation, but then I’ve never fancied carrying a tent and sleeping bag along a LDP!

Good luck with the walk Phil.


In reply to M1EYP:
Hi All
Day 2 and we are now at Stonethwaite staying at the Langstrath Inn. At least Judy and I are, the other 3 members of the group are staying at Gillercombe at Stonethwaite road end - a better deal on price but you get what you can get on the C2C thank to Ms Bradbury making it so popular. Glad my post got through yesterday the free connection to internet was flaky. The B&B was superb in Kirkland - 2 miles off the route but the owner Paul will picke you up from Ennerdale Bridge at no extra charge. They cooked our evening meal 3 courses and it was super. Ennerdale View it is called, and what a view from the conservatory where we had our dinner.

There are four of us walking and one driver so I can’t deviate or linger too long on summits. I’m very grateful to the 3 chasers and 1 activator I worked from Dent. Tomorrow we take the Wainwright alternative over 3 of his summits (there is no set route on the C2C - and several alternatives are given, so we will cross over Gibson Knott, Calf and Helm Crag’s tomorrow. I hope to climb the Howitzer if it isn’t too difficult - Wainwright didn’t manage it and bottled out part way up, but form what I read he was an ungainly but probably the most dedicated fell walker of all time.

I will be on a SOTA on Saturday on St Sunday Crag and then Birks which is highly sought after for WOTA by the Penrith lads.

73 to all


In reply to G4OBK:
Slight change of plan today…Judy and Margaret are taking the direct route to Patterdale from the Hause and then Ruthwaite Lodge. If Geoff and I feel fit enough we will pack in Seat Sandal and Fairfield from The Hause before descending Cofa Pike to climb St Sunday Crag. Not strictly C2C but the points always come in handy.

Short QSOs please 2m FM only - battery power is in short supply. The sun is cracking the flags, so just baout to break out the sun block!

73 Phil

Looks a terrific walk in super wx. Have a great day Phil.


Thanks Tom - I will get Roy to alert for Seat Sandal if we have phone coverage.


Thanks to Roy G4SSH for providing the dial a spot service yesterday. 41 QSOs completed from Seat Sandal, Fairfield, St Sunday Crag then finishing with Birks for WOTA. A memorable hot day on the fells.

Today we leave Lakeland and head for Shap - around 16.5 miles over Kidsty Pike and then down to Haweswater. I hope to cover the Wainwrights of Angletarn Pikes, The Knott, Rampsgill Head and Kidsty Pike today on 2m FM. Leaving me with enough battery laft to do Nine Standards Rigg on Wednesday, although I doubt that I will qualify that summit on 2m FM with a G3CWI rucksack special. I heard that on 2m it is much like Wild Boar Fell - a black hole.

I do not think I will have internet access after today - once again the sun is cracking the flags and the air is clear over Place Fell from Patterdale. Time for some for factor 30 suncream.

73 Phil