G/LD-034 Hard Knott and G/LD-028 Harter Fell

Cracking weather! Cool and strong wind meant some care was needed in the operating location. But I’m not complaining.

I had an initial error mixing Knott and Hard Knott… but soon sorted it out.

2m FM, 40m SSB and 20m SSB from each summit. 40m was VERY noisy on Harter Fell.

Some great S2S contacts and many of the usual chasers made it through. Thanks.


Hi Gerald, great photos, thanks :+1: :grinning:

cheers, Geoff vk3sq


Nice photos Gerald and you had same nice weather that we had on G/LD-033 Lords Seat. I heard you work Dan who was on G/LD-003 Helvellyn on 2m FM but unfortunately you weren’t strong enough for us to have a QSO. I’m sure that there will be other times though.

73 Chris M0RSF


Thanks for the S2S Gerald, the weather was a little less favourible in Snowdonia (Moel Eilio GW/NW-022).


Ah… I did have a listen for you too.

Great to get you!

Great to make the S2S on 40m from GW/NW-052 @MW0WML Gerald. I had very similar wx but with high winds. Look forward to the next :+1:

73, GQ4BML. Ben

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Many thanks for the Complete on Hard Knott. I’ve been waiting for that one for ages, so very pleased with the contact. There was heavy QRM from 2kHz up which got worse as you were signing. You seemed to be doing well when you had moved down 1kHz with plenty calling in. Unfortunately I had to go out later, so missed your second summit.


Harter looking a bit more appealing than in February… Still a favourite of mine, because it was one of my first.

Hope you didn’t get stuck in the mud between the two :joy:


I must have been lucky… just a bit wet in a few places. Pretty easy to avoid.

Lucky you. Its a bit like one of those game shows where you stand on the wrong floor tile and you get covered in slime or something like that. One wrong move and you’re knee deep in mud, but only one knee :joy:

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