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G/LD-027 Place Fell 3rd August 2019

A nice day to be out on the fells in the Lake District. Waking up at 5:30 local means getting on the fells at silly o’clock - I was on the summit at 06:30 UTC and thought the radio would be quiet but that wasn’t really the case - there was a Russian contest on keeping 20m alight.

Very fortunate that my first contact was with R63RRC the Popigay-Ary Island Expedition in Asiatic Russia.

Deep QSB on both 20m and 40m meant being patient for QSOs, especially the S2S. I took the Garmin Virb with me and managed to catch the initial run of 40m chasers so if you want to know how you sounded listen out on the video (QSOs start with ON4CB at 5:32 in the video and end with HB9DBM/P who snuck in just before the first battery died).

Please be gentle - I’m not in the same league as @OE5JFE Joe but I did try and add a bit of music to soften the blow of poor editing! Transport was via the Yamaha R1.

The views from the operating position overlooking Glenridding towards the Helvellyn range are breathtaking.

Photos are here.

Many thanks to all the chasers. It was a beautiful day, a wonderful time to reflect on how fortunate I am in so many ways.

Date: 03/Aug/2019 Summit: G/LD-027 (Place Fell) Call Used: M0NOM/P Points: 4 Bonus: 0

Time Call Band Mode Notes
06:47z R63RRC 14MHz SSB
07:00z F4FCE/P 7MHz SSB
07:12z ON4CB 7MHz SSB
07:13z ON3YB 7MHz SSB Lucas
07:14z 2E0FEH 7MHz SSB
07:14z EA2CKX 7MHz SSB
07:14z EA2DT 7MHz SSB
07:15z G0VWP 7MHz SSB
07:16z DL2HWI 7MHz SSB
07:17z G0RQL 7MHz SSB
07:17z ON7ZM 7MHz SSB
07:19z DL1DUE 7MHz SSB
07:19z F5BBD 7MHz SSB Daniel
07:20z PA0B 7MHz SSB Rob
07:20z SM4CJM 7MHz SSB
07:21z 2W0FLW 7MHz SSB
07:21z DJ5AV 7MHz SSB
07:21z G0TDM 7MHz SSB
07:22z GW4VPX 7MHz SSB Allan
07:23z DL5OAB 7MHz SSB Ben
07:25z DL8WEM 7MHz SSB
07:26z SP9AMH 7MHz SSB
07:27z EA2TP 7MHz SSB
07:32z HB9CRY/P 14MHz SSB
07:34z HB9DBM/P 14MHz SSB Mark
07:38z LB8CG/P 14MHz SSB
07:42z DJ7UA/M 14MHz SSB Mario Camping
07:52z G0TDM 14MHz SSB
07:56z DL1KGS 14MHz SSB
08:08z 2E0ESY 3.5MHz SSB Norfolk
08:10z M0BKV 3.5MHz SSB Damien Cornwall
08:12z MW0XOT 3.5MHz SSB
08:13z GB8ABG 3.5MHz SSB g4iar
08:15z 2E0FEH 3.5MHz SSB Karl
08:16z G4AFI 3.5MHz SSB
08:17z G6NHW 3.5MHz SSB Pete West Midlands
08:20z G1OHH 144MHz FM
08:34z G7THI 144MHz FM Frank Hoff
08:37z GM4WHA 144MHz FM
08:38z G4TRY 144MHz FM Tony
08:41z 2E0MIX 144MHz FM
08:52z DH2PA 7MHz SSB Patrick SW Germany
09:04z GX3WIM 7MHz SSB John Rygate Hill M25
09:09z G0EVV/P 144MHz FM David
09:19z DL1GRC/P 14MHz SSB 1 300m alt
09:20z RN3QN 14MHz SSB Oleg
09:23z HB9BHW/P 14MHz SSB
09:25z HB9DBM/P 14MHz SSB
09:25z HB9MKV 14MHz SSB
09:27z SV2HSY 14MHz SSB
09:30z IN3CVK/P 14MHz SSB
09:35z DK0DFF 14MHz SSB
09:35z MW0JHC 14MHz SSB Fleetwood James IO83lw ATAS-120A mobile home
09:50z LZ304AE 14MHz SSB
09:53z IK3SSW/P 14MHz SSB WWFF: FF1761
09:54z G0TDM 144MHz FM


My feelings exactly since I moved to this lovely part of the world.