G/LD-024 - Operator name database issue?

Had lots of fun yesterday on G/LD-024, with a nice pile on 20m CW including AC1Z who was just as strong as the EU chasers. After checking Sotawatch too see whether my SMS spots had made it I saw that my name was displayed as “Heather”, which might be an explanation for the pile up? :wink:

Anyway, thanks to all chasers for patiently dealing with my rusty CW (I really ought to practice more!)

73, Wouter Jan M/PE4WJ


Because I have the power (SoundFX mad laughter mwaaa haaa haaa /SoundFX) I edited your spot. When the M/ is removed the correct name is returned. Something to fix in the new SOTAwatch.

Ah OK I see, many thanks Andy!

73, Wouter Jan M/PE4WJ